American presidents at the poker table

Hector Toby April 28, 2016 Comments Off on American presidents at the poker table

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Favorite contact card game was born in the United States and therefore poker to its citizens – it is not just a gambling entertainment and much more. Millions of Americans in their spare time going in a circle of friends to play with. I do not stay away from gambling and politics. Today we talk about the most avid gamblers White House.

George Washington

In government offices in Washington Gambling was commonplace. The first US president did not hide his passion for cards. It is still a major local militias addicted to poker once and for all life. During the battle for independence against the French and the British, George Washington got the glory of a wonderful tactician and strategist, what probably helped him Card skills.

Abraham Lincoln

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16th US President, is probably one of the favorite of the Americans, because it was he who abolished slavery in his homeland. He is also the first to have received a fatal bullet during a stay at the highest public office. He had since childhood began to show interest in gambling: the young Abraham made a cock-fights, acting as the referee. His introduction to poker was while working on the boat. It is thanks to Lincoln poker has become “popular.” Many years after Lincoln’s death, for the production of decks of playing some companies began to issue cards with his image.

Franklin Roosevelt

The only person who has won four times in a row in the US presidential race – is Franklin Delano Roosevelt. During his lengthy reign poker helped him to cope with many difficulties. As a true poker player, in power, he surrounded himself with a resolute people, who were not afraid to take risks since the early days. The country at that time was in a deep crisis, from which it was impossible to get to without decisive action. It is not surprising that many of his associates were also like Roosevelt avid poker players and their familiarity was precisely at the card table. It is worth noting that most of Roosevelt played poker his secretary, that was part of her duties. According to authoritative historians, in the victory over severe economic downturn States, at least in part, we are obliged to their favorite card game.

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Harry Truman

In Truman’s love of card games it has been laid in the genes, since his father was a noble gambler, who was playing for high stakes. As a result, his father turned bankrupt. Harry was much more fortunate his father and as a result the band became successful circumstances govern the country immediately after Franklin Roosevelt. After hard working everyday it relieves stress game in the poker.

Richard Nixon

His rise to political stardom Nixon began thanks to the cards. With poker, he was able to win the necessary amount he has invested in his campaign that made him a man №1 in the country.

Bill Clinton

A person who has completed the defeat of the socialist camp and brought economic benefit of their homeland, as a student has gained fame clever and cunning poker players. According to some reports, Clinton in his youth playing on the strip with students who have studied at the undergraduate, where he rarely had to take off their clothes in contrast to the lovely ladies. With the help of his poker strategy Clinton managed to significantly reduce the external debt of the country, and during his reign were minimal and unemployment figures.

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Barack Obama

The current United States President Barack Obama also does not deny his love for poker. In the presidential race, he even promised his constituents that fully legalize online poker in the country, but so far no change in this matter the better we do not see and much-loved card game on the web is still only allowed in some states.

It must be noted that the policy of poker have a lot in common. In both cases, you should always make informed decisions, sometimes to take risks, but the main thing – poker teaches to think correctly. In world politics, as well as in the cards, it is important to feel his opponent to at the appropriate time to make the right bluff. How to do it right you started here:

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