Breaking Down the Important Roulette Game Rules

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Breaking Down the Important Roulette Game Rules

It is time that you explore roulette. When you see the wheel and the table, it may appear complicated but the rules of roulette are actually simple. Before anything, you have to know the three variations of roulette – American, European and French. Many love roulette because it presents a greater chance to earn because the house advantage is 2.63%.

Most players choose the European variant because of its single 0 pocket. The American variant has one additional pocket or the double green 0. After choosing the variant, it is important that you learn everything you can about roulette before playing.


Playing roulette is straightforward. You will see the spinning wheel, betting table, ceramic ball, wager options, and the croupier. Before the start of the round, you are asked to place your wager on the roulette table. After that, the croupier will spin the wheel with the ball.

The winning number will be determined as soon as the ball rests on a numbered pocket. If the wager you placed matched the ball’s final destination, you win. If not, you can consider another spin.

Roulette bets

It does not matter if you choose European over French or American because the bets remain the same. The key areas for betting are inside and outside. The minimum bet will be the same for both areas with one difference – inside bets allow the players to spread out the minimum bet over a range of numbers while the outside bets allow players to place a bet equal to the minimum.

Ways of betting

As mentioned, there are two key areas for betting – inside and outside. For inside betting, there are different ways of doing it. You should also note that inside bets have higher house edge and the payouts are greater. You can consider the following ways of betting:

• Straight up: betting on a single number, the chips must be placed on any number inside the table.

  • Split bet: this describes betting on two numbers at once.
  • Street bet: this describes betting on three numbers at the same time.
  • Double street bet: you can place a chip on the line between the two rows of numbers.

Outside bets are the most popular because of its lower house edge. This betting method is ideal for beginners because they are less risky compared to inside bets. You can consider the following ways of betting:

  • Red or black: this is the most famous bet. It will give you chance to pick the color of

the number the ball will hit.

  • Odd or even: this will give you chance to pick whether the ball will rest on an even or odd number.
  • Field bets: you can place your bet depending on the section. The section will be marked 1-18 (called low numbers) and 19-36 (called high numbers). You win if the ball will land within a range of low or high numbers.

It is crucial that you memorise the rules at the onset to increase your chances of earning real money. You can see the latest rules here. If you know the rules as well as the probabilities and the odds of all possible bets, you can earn real money.

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