Check the different types of casino bonuses

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Check the different types of casino bonuses

Online casinos are known for bringing the fun of Las Vegas home, but there’s one big advantage too – bonuses. Casinos offer a bunch of different bonuses for players, which is obviously a smart way of attracting them. If you check websites fun88, you will realize the bunch of bonuses are pretty different. Here are some of the common types.

  • No-deposit bonus. As the name suggests, a no-deposit bonus is the one that’s offered by the casino for your bets, without a deposit. Such bonuses encourage players to play and deposit real money, just in case they are apprehensive about the whole concept.
  • Match bonus. A match bonus is like a 100% bonus. Basically, if you deposit X into your account, the casino will double the value to 2X. Please note that casino bonuses are not for you to take home, which is something you must note. The bonus money cannot be withdrawn.
  • Deposit bonus. Most of the known casinos do offer a return on subsequent deposits, and this is known as the deposit bonus. This can be 50%, 100%, 200% or even more, depending on the choice of the casino or the promotional offer.

  • Welcome bonus. This is something that’s self-explanatory. Check fun88 login, and once you are done with the signup process, the casino will have a welcome offer. This can be a mix of many bonuses, including match and no-deposit bonus.
  • Loyalty/VIP Club. The last one is a Loyalty/VIP Club, which is meant for frequent players. If you are a part of the club, you get all the assistance that’s required to keep up your membership. So, you will get promotional deals, access to jackpot games and more.

Things to note

First things first, online promotions and bonuses change from time to time, so check the current offer. The home page of the concerned website usually has all the details mentioned, but you may find bonus codes on third-party websites. To get the bonus, especially the match or deposit bonus, you may have to deposit a minimum sum. Some casinos require you to win a particular amount before you can withdraw, which is another minimum worth checking. Don’t shy away from contacting the casino support to know if they have any special codes, and always play on a known and reliable casino to make the most of your time.

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