How to Get the Best from Online Poker School

Hector Toby January 24, 2016 Comments Off on How to Get the Best from Online Poker School
How to Get the Best from Online Poker School

Selecting the right poker school is critical if you want learning poker to be a positive and beneficial experience. An abundance of sites dedicated to teaching how to play poker makes the choice somewhat more difficult. However, as with most things, there are high-quality sites and those which are quite the opposite. So what should you take into consideration when choosing an online poker school?

Why use a poker training site?

Poker sites which provide instruction and tuition related to playing poker offer many advantages when it comes to learning how to play the game of poker successfully. There are lots of challenges involved in poker – it’s a game which involves probability, strategy and cunning. If you want to succeed as a poker player, then you need to have a thorough understanding of the game, its rules, and strategies, and opportunities to practice your poker skills without worrying about getting cleaned out.

Reputable poker training websites include a host of video learning material as well as poker tips and tricks from high-profile pro poker stars. You’ll be surprised just how much free information poker coaches provide, especially for novice poker players and those who are not at an advanced level yet.

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What to look for

Good poker instruction sites generally make use of videos showing real poker games, offering the opportunity to analyse individual poker hands and strategies, either in real time or through the use of delayed commentary.

Another great method of learning to play poker is by using a poker simulation app. This allows you to play poker online against other poker players while at the same time being advised of opportunities to take advantage of and the best strategies to use. This is great for people who like to learn in a hands-on-style and the interactive nature means you can pick up the basics very quickly.

Stable of poker coaches

Some of the more exclusive poker sites, aiming at high-stakes, cash-game, advanced and tournament players have established a stable of top-notch poker coaches, often pro poker starts themselves, to help you improve your own poker skills. Poker games covered include No Limit Texas Hold ’em (NLHE), Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO), 2-7 Triple Draw, Seven Card Stud and others. If you’re aiming for the high-stakes games, then sites like these with their experienced pro poker personalities will benefit you most in terms of getting insight into this level of poker playing.

Poker forums

With many sites boasting of their extensive video library of poker instructional material and touting big name poker stars as coaches it can be hard to get a grip on which site is offering the best value, especially if you’re not a beginner. One way to get a good feel for a site is to check out the poker forum, which is normally associated with the site, and see how active it is. You’ll find other players, coaches and learners active in these poker forums and can get a feel for how popular a site is, how helpful the people are in the forum, and the level of poker player it caters for primarily.

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