Industry of BTC gambling living its golden days

Hector Toby May 31, 2016 Comments Off on Industry of BTC gambling living its golden days
Industry of BTC gambling living its golden days

Ever since Bitcoin has first been introduced to public in 2010, its real power and capacities were instantly taken note of by businesses in many areas.

The true value of the previously unseen revolutionary blockchain technology – the flesh and blood of Bitcoin – was anticipated by many at that time already, and it didn’t take it too long to become a source of various speculations on how the new tech could transform the industry of electronic payment.

It’s an open secret the field of virtual gambling was the first to try and put to good account all the advantages of the new virtual currency. BTC-powered Internet casinos sprouted one after another like mushrooms after the summer rains, and these were actually responsible for bringing in an entirely new business model perfectly accommodating the yet fully undiscovered cryptocurrency. Being an essentially decentralized means of payment that, unlike traditional money, was not subject to existing laws, BTC guaranteed an unprecedented level of anonymity to its users, and this was one of the reasons why it has become so hugely popular with Internet gamblers, and started its conquest of other business areas that electronic payments are part of, to start gradually becoming an industry of its own.

Unexpectedly enough, Bitcoin turned into a kind of a development vector and innovation icon for a significant part of the world, not to mention its trend-setting role in the field on online gambling. Over the past few years, the real cryptocurrency giants like emerged, with their vast ranges of games and multi-varied gaming opportunities for customers. Indeed, these days, the choice of wagering possibilities available for bitcoins, is not just limited to casino and slot games, as BTC gamblers are also able to interact with real dealers while playing live casino games, make real Bitcoin bets on sports on Bitcoin sportsbooks, and win various prizes in cryptocurrency on absolutely legal terms.

As a matter of fact, Bitcoin seems to be a perfect solution to circumvent the existing state-imposed restrictions that players in certain jurisdictions have to deal with normally. Now, through the use of Bitcoin and the blockchain tech it’s based on, gamblers globally can forget about the risk of being legally prosecuted for playing real money casino games on the Internet. Moreover, with bitcoins, operators got the chance to increase their own trustworthiness among players by introducing provably fair gaming for them, meaning gamblers are now able to verify the individual outcomes of the games they play, and that is definitely not something one could take advantage of gambling for traditional currencies.

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