Master Progressive Poker overnight in 6 easy steps!

Hector Toby July 1, 2017 Comments Off on Master Progressive Poker overnight in 6 easy steps!
Master Progressive Poker overnight in 6 easy steps!

Does the sound of progressive poker ring bells of terror in you? Not anymore! Here we try to simplify the game for you in the easiest way. Learn the rules of Progressive Poker in less than a day! Also, for more information on progressive poker, you can always visit

1.       Players:

For up to four players, the dealer usually deals with half the set, which is, 36 cards of AKQJT9876. The full pack comes to action only when there are more than four players.

2.       Establishing start cards:

To set the game, the dealer deals only three cards face down. These cards are called the starter cards. If the game is going to be much shorter, the starter cards might as well be 2 or 1.

3.       Forming the winner pile:

Once the starter cards are dealt, the players take a card and put it face up for everybody to see. These are the winner pile cards. The best poker hand wins the round. This card will be added to that player’s next set of start cards.

4.       The next dealing:

You have given up one of your cards or the winner pile thus you are left with 2 cards. After dealing with 5 cards, it is up to you to choose which 5 cards you use for the hand and which two to keep aside as the start cards for the next hand.

5.       Here comes the glitch:

 Later on, the players will end up with unequal number of cards. The player with most number of cards is not allowed to exchange his or her cards with the start cards. But a loophole arises when all players have the same number of start cards

6.       Same number of start cards:

In this situation, each player starting from the left of the dealer can get rid of any number of cards starting from zero to five. The same number of cards will be dealt to the player again. The exchanging ends there.

The process of choosing a new winner pile, 5-card dealing and exchanging repeats. It repeats until a player has no cards when a card should be going to the winner pile. This person is out of the game. The last man standing is the winner!


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