Why Bovada is the Most Recognized Online Sportsbook by Major Sports Media Outlets

Hector Toby February 13, 2016 Comments Off on Why Bovada is the Most Recognized Online Sportsbook by Major Sports Media Outlets
Why Bovada is the Most Recognized Online Sportsbook by Major Sports Media Outlets

Have you ever wondered why you only see Bovada’s odds on Fox Sports, ESPN and most of the other major U.S. sports networks? Let us understand what makes Bovada the most recognized online sportsbook by major sports media outlets.

Bovada Online Sportsbook

Bovada Sportsbook Review

Bovada has been known to offer more than twenty sports to bet on, when it comes to their sportsbook. The overall review of Bovada has been inclusive of sports such as football, basketball, baseball, cricket and cycling. With respect to the wager types, you could expect to find all types of bets that any other prime online gambling website would cater to the people. It has been inclusive of single bet, reverse, teaser, parlay, if bet and round robin. Bovada has also been known to offer totals, moneyliners, props, point spreads and over-unders.

Bovada Sportsbook Review

What kind of promotions does Bovada offer?

When it comes to promotions, Bovada has been renowned for currently providing a 50% welcome bonus, which has been up to 250 USD, for making initial deposit. In addition, Bovada has been offering a 100% cash bonus of up to 100 USD in case you refer a friend. When you talk of specific sports, Bovada has been offering a weekly rebate on every bet placed in the Racebook, for horseracing, regardless of winning or losing the bet. The minimum amount that one could bet on a sport is as low as 1 USD over the internet, 50 USD for teasers and parlays, and 100 USD for if bets and straights. However, the maximum wager that one would be eligible to place would vary across various sports, with the highest wager being 2,000 USD.

USD for teasers

A cut above the rest

What really makes Bovada a cut above the rest has been their live betting feature. It enables one to make wagers in real time during a specific game. Varieties of props have been provided during the course of the game. However, the odds would change frequently.

makes Bovada

Overall, Bovada would cater you with a great website encompassing state of the art features for online gamblers. The features would be inclusive of generous match bonuses along with a wide number of games to play. However, two pertinent features that really set Bovada apart have been the live betting on sports games and the Red Room in the casino. In addition, both of these features would sway one to try Bovada for themselves in order to see how it holds up in front of other available online gambling venues.

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